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The Buckminster Fuller Future Registered Student Organization [RSO] at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is dedicated to honoring the work, philosophy and influence of Buckminster Fuller as it pertains to Southern Illinois University Carbondale, the City of Carbondale, and the World.

The Buckminster Fuller Future RSO fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and is open to all majors, undergraduates and graduate students.

The Buckminster Fuller Future RSO will develop and host the yearly Fuller Future Festival that cultivates opportunities, experiences and education. Each festival will take place the first Thursday/Friday/Saturday of April and include presentations, panels, workshops, performances, films, exhibits and opportunities to engage in collaborative solution building.

The festival will bring together artists, poets, designers, feminists, filmmakers, futurists, musicians, environmentalists, innovators, entrepreneurs, architects, engineers and all others interested in the legacy of Buckminster Fuller and the forwarding of his ideas for a sustainable future.

Buckminster Fuller Future RSO membership is open to all Southern Illinois University Carbondale undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff. If you are interested, please complete and submit the following registration form:


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