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Bucky’s Livingry

Livingry, in direct contrast to weaponry or “killingry,” are artifacts that support and enhance life, ideas and objects that enrich and advance human existence. The creation of livingry is the essence and enactment of Bucky’s challenge “to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone” (from World Game literature), one of the clearest calls to action for social and economic justice in U.S. cultural history.

Buckminster Fuller also implored us not to attempt to change people, but to change their built environment, the artifacts with which they interact: “Don’t attempt to reform man. An adequately organized environment will permit humanity’s original, innate capabilities to become successful” (Utopia Or Oblivion).

The theme of 2013’s festival is “Livingry: Designing Peace,” which was the focus of Bucky’s work at the time of his passing in 1983 with such writings as the book Grunch Of Giants and his last published article “Humanity’s Critical Path: From Weaponry to Livingry.” In these two writings Buckminster Fuller identified seventeen and twenty-six artifacts of livingry of his own creation, respectively. The following list of livingry represents Bucky’s self-identified top ten efforts to create artfiacts that embellish and enhance life:

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FORTUNE Magazine February 1940 containing Bucky's Trends & Transformation Charts

FORTUNE Magazine February 1940 containing Bucky’s Trends & Transformation Charts



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  2. […] technology from weaponry to livingry.” I think that if we flood the AmericaCoCreat site with livingry ideas, the Army might be forced to build only peaceful prototypes. For instance, we could submit ideas […]

  3. […] Instead I’d probably shoot for the Buckminster Fuller or John Lennon of 3D printing with a Dymaxion bathroom design or maybe some sort of printable bed-in peace protest.  To each his/her/zir own, I […]

  4. […] On another issue, the Keystone XL pipeline, The Washington Post claims Republicans will attempt to push through the pipeline as well as preventing the EPA to restrict carbon emissions. The “cap-and-trade” and carbon taxing policy is ostensibly for the benefit of the environment at the expense of business profits, but also impacts the level of productive economic progress in the form of refineries, nuclear plants, steel and coal manufacturing within the U.S. A pipeline here, a nuclear plant there; with an observance that carbon emissions aren’t the end-all to the over-hyped question of the climate this are not major problems and could be cautiously encouraged. To denounce the Export-Import bank as corrupt over the allegations that it serves the interests of defense industries is legitimate but ignores the potential for such a bank to act as an exporter for capital goods like computer parts and processors, turn-key hospitals and advanced technologies that benefit both buyer and producer. China, France and Germany will be the ones with the final laugh if the U.S. destroys the Ex-Im bank, the source for ensuring payments for large scale enterprises that could potential make revolutionary changes if the focus was shifted from “weaponry” to “livingry“ […]

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