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The 6th Fuller Future Festival will feature hundreds of artifacts on display from the Museum Of Livingry the entire month of August 2017 in the Varsity Center in Carbondale, Illinois.



“Notes On The Future: The Prospect for Humanity” by Buckminster Fuller (Saturday Review – August 29, 1964)

CLICK HERE for Buckminster Fuller’s contribution to the August 29, 1964 edition of the Saturday Review.

Buckminster Fuller on Solving the Crisis of Ignorance

1954 Marine Corps study concludes Fuller’s geodesic dome “the first major basic improvement in mobile military shelters in the past 2600 years.”

CLICK HERE for complete 1954 Marine Corps study regarding the Geodesic DomeGeodesicDome-MarineCorpsStudy-page-036

Join us on Tuesday, July 12th at Cristaudo’s in Carbondale, Illinois, in celebration of Bucky’s 121st birthday.


Closing Reception & Art Auction for the “Buckminster Fuller: Exploring the Sacred Geometry of Nature” two month art show this Friday, April 24th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in Morris Library on SIU Carbondale campus

Join the The Buckminster Fuller Future Organization, scores of local artists, and friends for two packed hours at the Closing Reception & Art Auction of the “Buckminster Fuller: Exploring the Sacred Geometry of Nature” two month art show this Friday, April 24th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in the Hall of Presidents, Rotunda, and Guyon Auditorium of Morris Library on SIU Carbondale campus:

1) ART AUCTION! More than 30 of the entries will be auctioned off via both live and silent auction. Come prepared to acquire some amazing artwork by local artists inspired by Buckminster Fuller and the Sacred Geometry of Nature.

2) Winners of the juried art show will be announced. Art show was juried by Gary Kolb (emeritus SIU faculty Cinema & Photography, former Dean College of Mass Communication & Media Arts) and Marie Bukowski (Director and Professor SIU School of Art & Design).

cymatic-chakra-5-b-013) Special keynote presentation “Sacred Geometry and Oneness” by SIU Carbondale MFA Matt Schultz (of Pigface, Lab Report, and The Division fame).

4) Closing reception and art auction catered by Cristaudo’s!

5) Classical music provided by string quartet.

This event, part of the 4th Fuller Future Festival, is completely FREE, please join us.

We WILL also be selling dozens of different books by and about Buckminster Fuller, along with a number of other Bucky-related zines, photos, collectibles, toys and games.

Contact Brent Ritzel for more information, 618-203-4844, brent
@siu.edu, or see www.FullerFutureFest.com.
Also, please visit our Facebook Event page at http://www.facebook.com/events/1581410612134269.

Matthew Schultz is a multi-media artist; musician, inventor, film maker, designer and sculptor. His bodies of work cover a wide range from political satire to the healing Mandala Event. As a musician, Schultz is most known as the inventor of the acclaimed A.T.G. or Anti Tank Guitar. In total, Schultz has appeared on over 35 CDs with 9 solo productions. He was a founding member of Pigface and Lab Report. He composed 2 feature film sound tracks for Hollywood director Bernard Rose. He also worked with renowned film maker Fernanda Rivero Gutierrez. Schultz has built the entire world of The Exhibition for the History of The Division. This farcical hermetic order was conceived by Schultz and then painstakingly built by hand. With life-sized wax figures to CDs, the exhibition is presented as a museum exhibition replete with text plaques and audio tours. Currently, Schultz is an instructor of digital arts. He BuckysHaven-BethMartell-trimmedcontinues to expand his Mandala Event as well as The Exhibition for the History of The Division.

The Buckminster Fuller Future Organization would like thank our co-sponsors Carbondale Community Arts, Morris Library’s Special Collections Research Center, the SIU Carbondale Student Programming Council, and our keynote speaker, Matt Schultz. We would also very much like to thank Gary Kolb and Marie Bukowski for donating their time and expertise as our art show’s jurists!

Your Invitation to a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting… Thursday, April 23 at noon

The Geodesic Dome is up and waiting to be dedicated as the newest feature of our renamed LabyrinthPeace Park. We have erected an open, sculpture-like dome that stands over the labyrinth. We believe that ours is the only labyrinth in the world covered by such a dome. This particular labyrinth layout is similar to the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth, but uniquely modified to reflect Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic “Synergy” dome geometry.  

At noon, on Thursday, April 23, you are cordially invited to a lunch celebration under the dome at the Labyrinth Peace Park. It is located just north of Gaia House, 913 S. Illinois Ave. in Carbondale. We like to think of this location as the intersection of the University and the City.

Following a brief renaming, dedication, and ribbon cutting ceremony, we will serve LabyrinthLunchibles, Dome Scones, and Bucky Brews, named after R. Buckminster Fuller whose residential prototype dome originally stood at this site.

You are invited to come early at 11:30 am, if you wish, to experience walking the labyrinth under the dome. We would appreciate you signing the Labyrinth Walkers Book and telling us what your experience was like. And please note that you are welcome to do this at any time. The Labyrinth Peace Park is always open.

This event is associated with the Fuller Future Festival, Exploring the Sacred Geometry of Nature, being held in Carbondale, March 1 to April 30.

We appreciate your interest in, and support for, the ongoing enhancement of the Labyrinth Peace Park. Our hope is that it will become a well recognized and well visited component of a redeveloped downtown Carbondale.

The Labyrinth Peace Park Restoration Group

Ross Bauer, Martha Ellert, Kris and Joan Juul, Hugh Muldoon,

Daniel Presley, MJ Smerken, Bob Swenson, Treesong

Contact: Hugh Muldoon, 618-549-1051, hughmuldoon700@gmail.com


Buckminster Fuller: Exploring the Sacred Geometry of Nature

BFFF-2015-flyer (3)

Awesome new poster for “Buckminster Fuller and the Sacred Geometry of Nature” juried art show CALL FOR ARTISTS designed by friend John Greene


The Three Buckminster Fuller Domes of Carbondale



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