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A 73 Year-Old Artifact of Livingry by Buckminster Fuller

Fortune Magazine‘s February 1940 tenth Anniversary Issue features the first general public release of Buckminster Fuller’s Trends & Transformation Charts (Livingry #7). According to Bucky’s 1983 book Grunch of Giants:

0819_3“This issue of Fortune went into three printings and took Fortune from red- to black-ink status. It changed U.S.A. and world economic health assessment from a tonnage criteria to one based on energy consumption.”

Buckminster Fuller’s work appeared in a 13 page article that started on page 50 entitled “U.S. Industrialization” and subtitled “Definition of industrial man… Estimate of his achievement in the U.S…. Analysis of his present predicament… Announcement of a new era.”

The editors of Fortune framed the article by stating that: “The charts and interpretations in this portfolio of U.S. Industrialization were prepared in collaboration with R. Buckminster Fuller, consultant on Fortune‘s editorial staff.”


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